To TikTok or Not? What Your Firm Should Know Before Deciding

by Kalin Dudley | August 15, 2022

Social media is one of the best ways to build trust and brand awareness for your firm. Many cj clients are familiar and comfortable with how platforms like Instagram and Facebook work. But now, a few have ventured into the video-sharing world of TikTok.

Maybe you’ve considered joining yourself—but you’re not sure if the platform is for people “of a certain age.” And if you do join, will you have to lip sync or dance? What will TikTok require of you, and will it work?

All good questions! But before we can help you answer them, it’s important to have a basic understanding of how TikTok works and compares to other platforms.

A Few Unique Aspects of TikTok to Consider Before Downloading

  • It’s More About Content Than the Individual: Succeeding with TikTok depends on WHAT is posted rather than WHO is posting. Instagram and Facebook highlight the individual, whereas TikTok is subtle about the owner or user.
  • It’s a Great Platform to Test Content: Because a user’s feed is filled with the content that the algorithm decides they want to see, your content must be more focused on long-term engagement. It’s not a DR marketing tool or a silver bullet. It’s about the ride, and not an absolute destination. But the beauty of the platform is that because it’s “in the moment,” it’s also more forgiving if what you’re trying isn’t catching on. Plus, you can remove the videos if you change course.
  • It’s an Opportunity to Connect Creatively: TikTok success is about your personality and how you creatively share your expertise. Nobody wants a commercial on TikTok. Users are there to learn something and/or be amused. Excitingly, TikTok is increasingly more invested in educational content than ever before. And law firms are definitely benefiting.

TikTok, TikTok, TikTok… What Are You Waiting For?

While you consider adding TikTok to your social media toolkit, it’s important to dispel any stereotypes you have about it. It may have started as a teenage lip-syncing and “too cool for school” dance platform, but it has evolved WAY beyond that. Instagram started as a selfie-sharing app, and now look at it. The platform’s inception doesn’t matter or make it an ineffective marketing tool now.

We encourage you to check out the content of other firms who are succeeding on the platform. See how they engage, how many followers they have, what makes them “tik,” and note that there are no ads. TikTok is simply a savvy way to increase brand awareness. You’ll see everything from funny skits to bizarre storytelling to creative ways to educate users on a wide range of legal issues. But whether or not TikTok’s for you— is up to you.

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