To TikTok or Not? What Your Firm Should Know Before Deciding

Social media is one of the best ways to build trust and brand awareness for your firm. Many cj clients are familiar and comfortable with how platforms like Instagram and Facebook work. But now, a few have ventured into the video-sharing world of TikTok. Maybe […]

How to Manage Google Reviews: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Reviews are a major contributor to your firm’s success. And believe it or not, how your reviews, both good and bad, are managed is as critical to your reputation as the reviews are themselves. In this blog I’ll discuss tips on how to manage your […]

How to Be Sure Which Web Vendors Share the Data Your Firm Needs

Advancements in technology have changed every aspect of our lives, including allowing us to develop tools to make our work lives easier and more productive. However, it has also created an influx of new web vendors, making it challenging to know which will move your […]

Google’s New Search Offering May Be Bigger Than PPC

Google is rolling out the next big thing in pay-per-lead advertising: local services ads. What does this mean for your firm?  Local services ads are a way for your firm to be featured and stand out in the local results section of a Google search. […]

How TV and PPC Have Helped Law Firms Rebound from a COVID Slump

When catastrophe hits, it’s tempting to follow the same script as everyone else. Whether you’re facing an economic recession or a global pandemic, your instincts may tell you to pull back and guard your budget more closely than ever. This is exactly what many law […]