Respect for AT&T’s PSA

by David Rumsey | August 11, 2015

At&T2As an ad agency that exclusively serves personal-injury law firms, it’s part of our job to celebrate our own work. (Always be sellin’!) But as advertising enthusiasts, we’re also happy to applaud great commercials, no matter who created them.

Well today, we’re giving a tip o’ the hat to “It Can Wait,” AT&T’s new buzz-worthy PSA campaign about distracted driving. The spots portray a series of harmless moments leading up to violent distracted-driving crashes.

The story telling is exquisite; the special effects are state-of-the-art; and the overall concept is right on the mark. How do we know? Because we’ve made thousands of commercials for law firms that offer help to the victims of serious car accidents.

For more than 20 years, we’ve researched the causes and consequences of car accidents. One thing we understand is how accident victims relate their injuries to feelings of immobility. So when we make spots and videos that re-enact accident scenes, we try to evoke the feeling of being stuck or paralyzed in time. Our recent Frozen template is one example of this approach.

We’re very proud of our work, but not too proud to give AT&T a sincere attaboy for a job well done. So take a bow, AT&T!  You’ve earned it.

Thanks for reading. If you have any other spots you’d like to share with us and our readers, post ‘em in the comments section.