Political Season Already?

by Angel Putman | July 11, 2019

These days, every year is a political year somewhere. But of course when it comes to electing new Presidents (especially these days), it’s a big deal.

Political is a dirty word to Media buyers. However, we have a tenured team that has been through many political seasons. In political years, we work even harder to communicate with our station reps. Our makegood policies don’t change—we will not approve spots that don’t run in programs we believe will produce leads, AND never at a higher rate than what we negotiated.

It’s next year, but we are talking about it and researching all the time.

The spend will be bigger. It has grown year over year over year and 2020 will be no different. It will be bigger in 2024, 2028 and so on—no surprises there.

Some markets will barely be affected. Others, of course, will be more affected. We don’t even know for sure what states will be swing states yet. We all have guesses, but we are waiting and watching for the facts as they become available.

We have data from the last few big elections, and in a series of upcoming blogs, we will share that along with more info as we gather it.

Don’t panic—we will be communicating. Watch for more to come from the team in the next several months!