A Personal Injury Big Game Commercial – Is This Move Right for Your Firm?

by Angel Putman | December 18, 2023

An Opportunity for Exposure

The biggest football game of the year will be here before you know it.  It’s one of the most well-known televised events that people actually talk about the ‘commercials’ after the event.  It is known for fun creative, and, for the massive number of viewers (2023 Super Bowl had over 115 M viewers nationwide).  Behind that comes other big events such as March Madness, The Kentucky Derby, The Masters, The World Series, NHL Playoffs/Championship, World Cup, and so on.  What would it do for your business?  It would build your brand due to the large number of eyeballs.  Your friends and family in your market would see your commercial in a not-so-normal spot (that’s pretty cool). Will it generate immediate leads? Most likely not.

Should Your PI Firm Advertise During the Super Bowl?

Do you want extra exposure?  Are you at a place budget-wise where you should consider this?  Those are things your Strategist and you know via operational reporting and many, regularly occurring conversations.  Here is the deal…..cj Media is already talking to stations about what rates look like to run in these events—The Super Bowl is our focus now and we are tracking the details regarding linear options on CBS and streaming options on Paramount + (owner of CBS).  We are keeping your Brand Strategist at cj Advertising up to date on what rates are looking like now, and are ready to negotiate if it is a good fit for your media advertising needs.  We will follow suit with the next big event, or anything that you believe best suits your market.

From expert Media Buyers Bonnie Rothenstein and Rebekah Christie:

All eyes will be on Las Vegas on Sunday, February 11, 2024, tuning in to Super Bowl LVIII.  And you can believe that what happens in Vegas will definitely not stay there. Whether or not you are a sports fan, this is the one game you’ll watch.  If it’s not for the game, it’s for the commercials and the highly anticipated half-time show. The team to watch so far is predicted to be the San Francisco 49ers.  As always, the cost increases tremendously (sometimes double) if you’re looking to be in the market of a team that makes it to the big game.   Get your party favors ready and save your pennies over the next few months if you want to be part of the action!”

You’ve Decided to Run a Super Bowl Spot – What Comes Next?

A very important piece to spending the dollars to get this exposure is what creative to run.  Should it be a spot that we run on a Monday at 11 am?  Most likely no—it needs to be special.  That is where Creative Services comes into play…

What type of spot should you run?  Well, you have a number of options, but you need to act fast!  Do you already have something fun and out-of-the-box that you’d like to feature, or do you need something new?  How about a feel-good template or a custom ad that celebrates your community or the sport of football?

The sooner we can get started the more flexibility we’ll have to help you make your mark during the Big Game. So reach out today!