Out of the Inbox Email Marketing

by cj Advertising | May 16, 2013

This post was written by Email Marketing Specialist Jordan Redfearn at cj Advertising.

You may have heard that email marketing is a “spammy” and outdated form of communication. Interactive’s Community Engagement team is here to tell you that these presumptions are incorrect!

Email marketing can benefit your brand by:

  • keeping your firm fresh on your clients’ minds.
  • informing your audience about your community initiatives, their legal rights, and safety tips.
  • showing off your fancy new EXP videos.

Why does your firm need to use email marketing?

You’re probably wondering, “Why on earth do I need to send emails out to my clients? Do they even check their emails?” The answer is YES! The number of email accounts is expected to increase from 3.3 billion accounts in 2012, to more than 4.3 billion accounts by the end of 2016.  North America contains about 14% of those accounts.

And now most people have some kind of smartphone, allowing them to stay connected to their email accounts 24/7. In January 2013, mobile email opens finally overtook desktop opens with 42 percent of emails being opened on a mobile device (such as iPhones, Androids, and tablets).

Plus, you can count on cj to make sure that your email campaigns look beautiful on smartphones and tablets, by:

  • making buttons bigger and easier to click on a touch screen.
  • using bigger text so that the reader won’t have to zoom in to read the email.
  • including a more prominent call-to-action.
  • adding buttons for downloading your firm’s smartphone app.

Content is Key

Getting those emails to your readers’ inboxes is a different story. Keeping your email lists updated and making sure your clients’ inboxes aren’t flooded with boring “spammy” content is something we monitor daily.

Subject line phrases like “Act now!”, “Click here!”, and “Free!!!!” will get you blacklisted faster than Usain Bolt in the 2012 Summer Olympics. We pride ourselves in writing readable, informative content for your email campaigns to ensure delivery to your audience’s inboxes—not their spam folders.

What should your next campaign focus on?

So what should your next campaign be about? Do you have a big charity event coming up? What about a new EXP video or a new commercial airing? Or maybe a big case win?

Email campaigns can be about anything that you want your audience to know about, like mass torts, holidays, safety tips, community initiatives, contests, new websites, new office locations, bad weather conditions, case settlements, social media engagement, and more!

If you have a great idea for your next email campaign, let us know by contacting your Client Services team, and we will make sure your audience sees your idea.