Holiday TV Budgets–What to Do?

by Angel Putman | November 17, 2015

ornament-ball-christmas-holiday_000007492778LargeFireworks, Turkey, Mistletoe—Holiday Weeks!

We all love a holiday and time off for fun. People tend to have different activities on these days versus the normal every day routine. Some may sleep in, cook all day or hang out with friends and families. The focus may not be as much on taking care of business or things we have to get done. One example of that may (or may not) be calling an attorney for help.

Will your call volume be affected by the holiday?

Probably. Should you consider reducing your budget, staying the course or going completely dark?

Well, as usual, we took a look at some data around different clients who have tried all 3 strategies and how their calls were impacted.

A few things we found:

  • Calls are typically lower than average on holiday weeks, regardless of budget
  • Calls drop 45.6% below average when the budget is dropped to $0
  • Full budgets are not very efficient due to lower call volume

What is the take-away?

We recommend staying on the air, but at reduced budgets. Calls do come in, and they could be potentially big cases. Do you want to risk missing those? Also, let’s don’t forget, you are still building brand awareness anytime you are on TV.

We get there are other factors to consider such as are your offices closed? Do you use an afterhours intake center, such as Legal Intake Professionals?

We dig into the data and give recommendations based on numbers, but every firm is different and ultimately it is your decision.

So, here’s to fireworks, champagne toasts, cookouts, turkey, family time, and continued success!