Google’s New Search Offering May Be Bigger Than PPC

by Kalin Dudley | August 31, 2020

Google is rolling out the next big thing in pay-per-lead advertising: local services ads. What does this mean for your firm? 

Local services ads are a way for your firm to be featured and stand out in the local results section of a Google search. In fact, these ads are visually placed above PPC ads in search results.  

News about this offering is ever-changing, and we’re keeping a close eye on updates. But here’s what we can confidently share so far:

  • Right now it’s available in most major cities, and we expect it to roll out quickly to more markets as we move into 2021.
  • For legal services, it’s presently only available for immigration attorneys but will be available very soon for personal injury attorneys. 9.02.20 update: It is now available for personal injury attorney services in most major cities.
  • Google is allowing personal injury firms to get set up and is running background checks now, so your firm can be ready to launch this as soon as it’s available.
  • Delaying this process could mean delaying a growth opportunity for your firm!

Why is This Urgent Now?

The reason we urge action at this point is that in order to start running local ads, Google requires a background check that can take up to three weeks. If this opportunity presents itself in your market, you won’t want your competitors to beat you to the punch while you’re waiting on a background check. 

Because it is our professional intuition that these local services ads will trend toward a broader rolling out, we can’t insist enough that you start this process immediately.

Here are a few benefits of local services ads that have us rubbing our hands in anticipation:

  • You will be seen at the top of Google search results above PPC ads.
  • You will only pay for leads related to your firm and services.
  • You will connect with potential customers who are likely to use your services.
  • The tools to help you get started are simple.
  • You can use the mobile app to communicate with clients at any time.
  • The Google Guarantee helps you build trust.
  • And you’ll only hear from people who specifically selected your profile.

Check out the image below to get a visual for how your ads will appear. See how the local search ads get placed above PPC for immigration attorneys already enrolled. 

Start This Process Now to Avoid Losing an Edge in Your Market

We’re helping firms get set up now so when this goes live in your market, you’re on the cutting edge. Also, our team is checking your markets daily to see if the local services ads are available.

We would love to assist in setting you up for this opportunity. But whether you use our assistance or not, we recommend you get on board.

If you’re already a cj client and would like to discuss this further, reach out to your Brand Strategist today to get started on this process. If you are not already a client and are interested in learning more about cj’s services and how you can maximize your advertising dollars, email us at

You can count on us to keep you informed once local services ad launch for personal injury attorneys. In the meantime, check out this blog to learn more about how local services ads work.