Don’t Let Your Image Get Outdated – Keep Creative Fresh

by Levi Brandenburg | June 23, 2015

Outdated Definition“You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.” – Will Rogers

We have all heard about the importance of a first impression. This could be true for a job interview, a new client intake, or something as simple as meeting a new coworker. The truth is, we all make decisions based on first impressions, and we make those decisions quickly. Some studies have even shown that we make big decisions about other people within thirty seconds of meeting them.

If you’ve been advertising for years, you may be wondering what a first impression has to do with your image getting outdated. The thing is, personal injury law is somewhat unique in that consumers really only pay attention to your ads when they need your services. So despite having been bombarded with your message for years, that first spot after their accident becomes a “first impression .”

My question to you is, “What first impression is your brand making on your audience?”

Why does an image become outdated?

In theory, if every business kept the same TV commercials, same website and never rebranded their advertising materials, everything would stay current and fresh. So why doesn’t this happen?

This doesn’t happen because someone is always pushing forward. We all want to be the consumer’s top choice, and we always want more business. To get these results, we have to find ways to set ourselves apart from the competition

In the legal advertising world, you all technically do the same thing –practice law. And many states have bar rules in place to make sure you notify your prospects of that “level playing field.” One of the main ways you can differentiate is by how you present yourselves to consumers. And don’t forget; they’re seeing your brand alongside constant messages from hotels, airlines, cars and restaurants –not just other law firms.

Should I change my firm logo or firm name?

No. Your brand identity remains constant, but how you present that identity through your advertising is what should change and evolve over time.

Look at it this way. Coca-Cola has had the same name since 1886 and the same script font since the 1900s, when the first labels were printed. Even though the name and logo have remained constant, they are always coming out with new advertising campaigns to keep the consumers interested.

How do I know if my image is outdated?

If you have not shot new TV commercials or had a website redesign in three to five years, it might be time to change your creative. Instead of remaining stagnant, your competition is creating a buzz in the market by introducing something new. That does NOT mean to copy what your competition is doing. If you copy exactly what your competitors are doing, you blend in instead of stand out.

As consumers we are always looking for the next best thing. How do we know what the next best thing is? We know because we are told constantly by commercials on TV, online reviews, print ads, etc. Make sure that your image and creative messaging are always elevating you above the noise that your competition creates.

What first impression are you going to make?

For any additional thoughts or questions, reach out to your Client Services team.