Does Your Nursing Home Marketing Strategy Tell Your Market What to Look for and Where to Turn?

by Micki Love | April 13, 2022

It’s a sad reality that we in the PI legal industry know all too well. People trust their loved ones to the care of nursing home facilities with the expectation that they’ll receive nurturing and compassion. But what happens so often is that these vulnerable members of our communities are subject to neglect and abuse.

It’s common for families to discover these atrocities around holidays like Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and so on when visits ramp up. When this happens, it’s important that people know where to turn for help. But the best marketing plan will put out awareness of the issue BEFORE they visit.

Sharing Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Educating your market on the signs of nursing home abuse and neglect is a key component of your nursing home abuse strategy. People won’t seek help they don’t know they need, but if the people in your market know what to look for, they can act quickly.

Here are a few signs of abuse and neglect that your firm can share with your market:

  • Bedsores
  • Emotional withdrawal
  • Silence around nursing staff
  • Dehydration, malnutrition, and unexplained weight loss
  • Legal and financial changes, like changes in power of attorney or unpaid bills

Knowing how to recognize evidence of potential nursing home abuse can make a huge difference for the victims of abuse and their families. The sooner they spot the abuse, the sooner they can call you for help.

Check Out cj’s Nursing Home Toolkit Today

As I mentioned above, the holidays are a critical time for many, and we want cj firms to have everything you need to help victims in your market. If your firm needs new nursing home creative, take a look at the Nursing Home Toolkit we built to assist with your marketing needs. It is chock-full of everything you need. When approaching this market, it’s important that you diversify your strategy with tools like:

  • Broadcast spots
  • Media placement
  • Social media
  • Landing pages
  • Emails and newsletters

Click below to learn more about how these tools can reach the audiences you need. Then reach out to us to get started helping the most vulnerable in your community with a solid nursing home abuse marketing campaign.

Let’s Discuss Your Nursing Home Abuse Marketing Needs

Whether you are presently a part of the cj family or not, we want to hear from you. We are proud to assist personal injury law firms in their pursuit of nursing home abuse cases. This is one of a long list of ways we all connect in this industry to make a difference in the lives of people who are hurting.