Do Funny Ads Actually Work in Personal Injury Advertising?

by jfloyd | June 20, 2022

Funny ads have been used for decades, and they’ve become even more popular in recent years due to the rise of memes, sassy corporate Twitter accounts, and TikTok videos. There’s no question that funny ads are often memorable and get people talking, but are they actually effective?

Given their enduring popularity, funny ads certainly have a place, even in legal marketing. But if you’re going to use one to promote your firm, first make sure you know how to make “funny” work for your brand.

Funny Ads Can Be Good for Building a Brand

When it comes to branding, creating memorability and recall are key. That’s why taglines, jingles, spokespeople, and funny ads are so popular and impactful.

Although they may not be highly effective at selling a product or service directly, they can help consumers think of a particular brand in the near future when they need the product or service they’re offering. And because the funny ad from that brand made them laugh, they have a positive feeling about the company and feel secure in their decision to call or purchase from them.

Funny Ads Aren’t Ideal for Getting People to Call Right Away

Most people who see ads for law firms don’t need a lawyer at that exact moment. That’s why funny ads can work for law firms, as they make it easy for them to remember a firm’s name weeks, months, or years later if and when they DO need a lawyer.

But some people who are exposed to legal ads DO need a lawyer right then and there. They are likely dealing with a serious and stressful situation and funny ads aren’t the best way to convince those people to call. Instead, direct response ads are designed to speak to people who are ready to hire a lawyer immediately or in the very near future. They’re straightforward, impactful, and have a clear call-to-action to contact the firm to get compensation after an accident or injury. A combination of these types of ads could help you reach more of your audience at the right moment for them.

“Funny” Isn’t for Every Firm or Every Ad

So, should you create funny ads to build brand awareness of your firm? The answer depends on your firm’s current branding and image. In addition, “funny” in legal advertising needs to be sensitive to the needs of the audience. For example, a funny ad created for branding purposes shouldn’t offend potential clients who need a lawyer ASAP.

In addition, humor should be used in a positive manner to draw potential clients to your firm and leave a good, lasting impression. Shock and gross-out humor may elicit laughs, but they also may cause the audience to have a negative view of your firm and branding.

Let Our Team Help You Build Memorable and Effective Ads

When it comes to funny branding ads vs serious direct response ads, our Creative Services team knows what works and what doesn’t work. And we don’t just go by our intuition—we use hard data to help us create the most effective ads possible for our clients.

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