cj Goes Yellow

by Arnie Malham | June 8, 2007

For years the Yellow Page industry has attempted to take advantage of our clients by using fear and intimidation to purge thousands upon thousands of dollars from our clients’ operating and marketing budgets.

At last, armed with the facts, cj’s Yellow Page department is saying “NO” louder than ever to the wrong books, and equally as important—saying “YES” to the right ones. In only a few short months since launching the department, the Yellow Page team of Greg Howell, Valarie Krubner, and Beth Ferry have taken on the management of 16 members of cj’s brand base.

With every tracking number, contract negotiation, and design challenge, our team’s knowledge and experience continues to grow, as does our ability to help our clients take bolder and more aggressive steps toward truly productive advertising approaches. Thus, clients are empowered to make the right choices for the right reasons.

For some, it’s the power to better manage Yellow Page budgets. For example, E Eric Guirard and Tommy Pittenger were able to cut $200,000 worth of unproductive Yellow Page books from their marketing budget. Additionally, clients are now able to more efficiently place Yellow Page ads. Just ask John Michael Bailey, whose new ad in the 2007 Memphis Yellow Book looks to be the most efficient expenditure of Yellow Page dollars we have ever seen.

For some, it’s simply managing the proven and productive resources already generating business for the firm. For example, J. Marshall Hughes and Lee Coleman’s account has been under my management for the past five years. In cooperation with Micki Love, the firm’s marketing director, the firm’s extensive Yellow Page program across four distinct designated market areas continues to yield an extremely efficient delivery of new business on a regular basis.

End the frustration and end the madness that has come to define your Yellow Page marketing plan. At cj, we have put together a plan that truly works to empower you to make the right decisions for your firm.

While I can passionately write about most every area our agency serves, I can tell you without hesitation that our Yellow Page department will do more to bring control and efficiency to your marketing budget than any other resource at cj. I urge you to put our team and proven strategy to work for your firm today.