TV Is King

by Arnie Malham | September 1, 2014

Your firm is doing well on several fronts. Call volume is good. Sign ups, time on desk, average fees, and client satisfaction are all good. But today… calls are a little off. The phones seem a little slow. Something is not quite right.

What’s the first thing you think to check?

Go ahead… don’t hold back… it’s not a trick question… say it…


It’s not your buses, billboards, Yellow Pages, or even your new favorite shiny website.

NO. You know who’s running the show.


What’s going on with your TV?

Are the spots running?

Is the traffic right?

What programs are we running in?

What changed from yesterday or last week?

Here’s the deal… Maybe it’s TV… maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s your phone system, or maybe the communication grid is down in your city today due to a Batman vs. Joker
escapade. Maybe it’s one of those things or something even crazier, but the first thing we all think is… “it’s the TV!”

Maybe it won’t be king in 3-5 years.

And maybe it’s not the prize horse it was 5-7 years ago.

But today… TV is still king.

TV creates and maintains the demand for your brand. It’s up to you to be true to your brand, and it’s up to the Internet to offer proof of your brand, but when it comes to
driving your brand and your business, TV is still king.

You might not like it, it might not be the popular discussion at marketing conferences, but deep down… you know it’s true.