What to Expect

by Arnie Malham | September 23, 2010

Last year’s conference was definitely one for the record books. With education and better understanding always as our top-of-mind goals, we learned a lot as an agency. Number one: don’t tell clients you don’t like them. We also determined several key takeaways to focus on. The highlights were breakthrough presentations by our Public Relations machine that continues to win impressive accolades all over the country, Video on the Web that is notably miles ahead of anyone else in the personal injury arena, and a host of procedural and operational innovations that have made huge differences for several firms in the past year.

Building on the discoveries made at last year’s conference, cj Conference 2010 will feature two renowned speakers with outstanding take-home value, a production showcase better than anything you’ve seen from the agency, and a focus and commitment to a Web product that will leave you no doubt where the agency’s priorities are.

More, Better, Faster

You also will get updates on several crucial agency-led and client-led initiatives and learn more about how we plan to meet your ever-growing appetite for MORE (We’re giving you customized options.), BETTER (Have you seen the megasites?), FASTER (We know, you want it now!).

To celebrate our push for more, better, faster, we will present—differently, of course—the second Partner of Year award. It’s an opportunity to showcase the firm that best embodies the characteristics that promote growth of the agency, which in turn, grows your firm, which in turn, grows everyone’s opportunities.

It Takes a Partnership

One might argue that a great agency makes its clients great. We argue that great clients make our agency great. The agency can’t continue to learn and grow without your willingness to speak up, challenge us, and openly share your ideas and triumphs with one another. And in a world where everyone wants “more, better, faster,” we want to make sure you are recognized, celebrated, and appreciated for all you do.

As if our future depended on it…because we know it does.