Does It Ever Sink In?

by Arnie Malham | March 14, 2009

We preach and preach about growing the agency, growing your brand, growing your operational ability, growing your culture, your customer service, your marketing budget, the quality of your people, the bandwidth of your Internet connection, and even the openness of your mind toward the future. We preach and preach and preach and preach—the question is, does it ever sink in? Are you listening?

Questions to ask yourself?

Is your brand better today than it was three years ago following our conference about branding and the power of Seth Godin’s Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable?

Is your customer service better today than it was two years ago following our conference featuring John DiJulius? Are you considering or have you implemented a strategic plan for your firm in the past year following our focus on Vern Harnish’s Mastering the Rockefeller Habits: What You Must Do to Increase the Value of Your Growing Firm during the 2008 conference?

Even those of you with the hardest of wills against growth and change can probably answer “yes” to at least one question. A few of you who are learning to work on your business rather than in your business can answer “yes” to at least two. And, the bravest of the brave of you are saying “yes” to all three.  You are truly beginning to realize that the power of your business and your law degree (together equaling your brand) has far more potential than anyone realized (even you).

At the recent M&L Winter Conference in St. Martin, where about 19 of you were in attendance, I heard more firms than I expected talking about the Rockefeller Habits and using terms like “BHAG” and “Core Values.” I can tell you that nothing at the agency is more central to driving our (and your) success than our One-Page Strategic Plan. In late January, for the first time ever, the leadership team at Legal Intake Professionals took time to work on their One-Page Plan. The resulting opportunity for growth and better service was mind blowing. I am more committed than ever to making this a reality for any firm brave enough to challenge themselves to be more successful than they already are.

What’s Next?

I plan to create, for the benefit of our clients, a collection of all the strategic plans generated by our firms. My Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) for this project is to have each and every brand we serve generate a plan. After all, how can you expect to be one the 50 best personal injury brands in the country if you don’t have a strategic plan? How many have one today?—probably less than five, but watch and see. I am confident that the growth of those who choose to create a plan will far exceed the growth of those who choose to be random in their success.

If you have a plan, we want it. We want to help hold you accountable to it by sharing it with others. We want to help those that don’t have a plan realize the importance of it. We want everyone to feel the power of planning for growth and success. Send us your plan. Talk is cheap and everyone knows bullshit walks.

What’s your BHAG?