by David Rumsey | July 1, 2010

What happens in Vegas, stays on video!

Richard Harris asked for some new commercials that would knock the socks off his market. In fact, he wanted these new spots to be so different that he was willing to take a gamble. He was more concerned about making an impact than getting an immediate call response.

The solution:

cj’s production team flew to Vegas to shoot Richard on his home turf. For five days, our cameras rolled in his office, at the courthouse, down town, at Red Rock Canyon and on the infamous Vegas strip. It was a big budget production with a big vision.

According to Richard, “It was like Hollywood around here with about a dozen crew members and tons of equipment. The shooting schedule was grueling, but the professionalism and organization of our producer made everything go very smoothly.”

The result:

Top quality spots that completely separate the firm from the rest of his competitors took the airwaves by storm. “In the Battle of Las Vegas TV lawyers, the most competitive market in the country, these spots are incredibly unique and stand out from the crowded field,” said Richard. No one else even comes close.

Seeing Richard in his element allows for an emotional, raw and very real visual. The honest images and organic scripting combine for a powerful arsenal of spots that make a lasting impression. “We love them. More than any marketing we have ever done, the spots capture who we really are at the Richard Harris Law Firm. We are very proud of these spots and would not cringe if a defense lawyer showed them to the jury in any of our trials,” said Richard.

Clients like Richard, who aren’t afraid to take risks, help keep the bar set high for everyone.  Richard’s willingness to fully embrace the project made for an unforgettable shoot and unprecedented production.

Photo from Flickr by: Tiger_Jack