The Future of Conference

by Renee Brank | February 22, 2016


The next full cj Client Conference will be held in Spring 2017!

This conference will be one of the first events held at the Westin Hotel, currently under construction right outside our back door.

In the meantime, here’s our plan:

  • Two mini conferences here in Nashville: One will be held on May 5th, specifically for marketing directors and marketing-focused support staff. The other will take place in early Fall for COOs, operations specialists, and office managers.
  • Three micro gatherings: These events are designed for principals only. They will occur at three different client offices, allowing attendees to see and experience the cultures others have built. These meetings will also allow attendees to get out of their traditional comfort zones and have deeply interactive discussions on best practices. Target dates are May, August, and November of 2016.  Target locations are TBA.

Your job is to be thinking about four things…

  1. Who will you send to the initial workshop for marketing directors and marketing support staff in Nashville?
  2. Who will you send to the operations-focused meeting designed for COOs, office managers, and culture leaders?
  3. Tell me the office you’d love to visit with a small group OR if you’d like to host a micro gathering for principals from up to 6 other firms.
  4. And finally… what do you want us to focus on when we return to full conference format in the spring of 2017? My goal is less show and more exchange and discussion of ideas.

Weigh in, and let’s build it together!

The first 14 conferences (2001 through 2015) have been a blast. Yes, they are expensive, require great effort from us to put on, and great effort from you to attend. However, the reward is great for both the agency and our clients as the partnership in growth continues to build great legal brands across the country.

As an FYI, from here out…full conferences will be every 18 months rather than annually. As mentioned, #15 will be in the spring of 2017 at the newly-built Westin just behind our office. #16 will be in the fall of 2018 at the newly-built JW Marriott just adjacent to our office. #17 will be in the spring of 2020 (location TBA).

Keep yourself, your team, and your brand rocking forward!!!!!