Introducing cj Consulting

by Renee Brank | February 22, 2018

cj Advertising can and will make the phone ring for your firm. But those calls won’t translate into long-term success if you don’t have everything in place from an operational standpoint.

To give our clients a distinct advantage, we are very excited to announce cj Consulting, a new operational service that helps firms improve systems and processes that are keeping them from reaching their goals.By making sure that operations and marketing are working in tandem, we are the only agency that can offer this level of dueling expertise!

What will we analyze?

We will conduct three key reports for each firm to help them establish the overall health of their organization:

  • Intake Analysis
  • Pipeline Analysis
  • P&L Analysis

A review of these reports will help us identify areas where a firm can work to improve their profitability, and we can help provide solutions to get them to the finish line more quickly.

The initial analysis is at no additional charge for our clients as members of the cj family. If certain areas require more attention, we will also be offering several different tiers of consulting to help find and implement solutions.

Who’s leading this new service?

Micki Love is the main point of contact for cj Consulting, but she and Chad Dudley will be working in tandem during evaluations. They will review the three main operations reports for each firm. Both Chad and Micki bring extensive experience with operations consulting and have helped grow small firms into leaders in their markets. As you grow, cj grows. We feel cj Consulting is a win-win service for us and our clients.

Who can benefit from cj Consulting?

From small startup firms willing to “get it right” to established firms looking for solutions to maintain costs and increase their average fee, any firm is a good fit for cj Consulting.

If you are having operational issues or are simply looking to take your operations to the next level, we’ve got you covered. Chad and Micki have seen or lived it and can help you get to a solution faster!

To learn more about cj Consulting, contact Micki Love at