The Former VISTA Connection

by Renee Brank | March 5, 2018

Does either Chad or Micki still work for VISTA?

With the launch of cj Consulting firmly underway, one lingering question that may need to be clarified is if there are any business connections between cj Consulting and the VISTA Consulting Team. The answer is no, but we’re all still on great terms.

Chad Dudley and Micki Love are fully vested in cj Advertising and our new offering of cj Consulting. They are no longer with VISTA, which will continue separately in the capable hands of Co-Founder Tim McKey. The relationship between the two companies is mutually amicable, and both parties hope to refer business to each other in the future.

For more information about the friendly ties between cj and the VISTA Consulting Team, feel free to reach out to Chad Dudley or Micki Love.