cj Transition: What’s Changing and What’s Not

by Renee Brank | February 7, 2018

The sale of cj Advertising has sparked plenty of excitement about our growth potential and raised important questions about our future direction. Over the next several weeks, we’ll address the most common and pressing questions on everyone’s minds.

What’s Staying the Same?

  • Market Exclusivity: One client per market.
  • Handshake Agreements: Arnie’s and Jimmy’s handshakes are now Chad’s handshakes, and most importantly, the agency’s commitment to doing the right thing is unchanged.
  • Your cj Team: Other than Jimmy and Arnie (in 2018), no one else at cj is leaving, and there are several team members joining from day one, including Chad Dudley, Micki Love, Jason Domangue, and Susan Shoptaugh.

What’s New and Different?

  • cj Integrated Digital (cjID): Formerly known as Interactive, cjID will take a holistic, bottoms-up approach to web marketing. We’ll be focusing on new case attribution first, then optimizing the rest of the conversion funnel based on solid, trackable analytics. Automated database marketing via email, texting and direct mail will expand the top of the funnel while long-tail, relationship-building tactics will insure prospective clients keep your brands top of mind.
  • cj Consulting – Operations Layer Chad’s and Micki’s extensive experience with operations consulting taught us how important it is for marketing and operations to work in tandem. The goal with “cj Consulting” is to help firms improve systems and processes that are keeping them from reaching their goals and creating obstacles for their marketing. No other agency can offer this level of dueling expertise.
  • New People:

  • Chad Dudley, CEO, is working with Arnie, Jimmy, and the leadership team to grow the agency, maintain the great culture, and make the ownership transition and move to L&C Tower smooth.
  • Jason Domangue, Director of cjID, is rolling out a bold, new vision for what is already cj’s most rapidly expanding department.
  • Micki Love, Chief Brand Strategist, is implementing and leading a new operations consulting service within the Client Services team. She is also the assigned brand strategist for a portion of our client accounts.
  • Susan Shoptaugh, Associate Director of Digital Marketing, will manage our digital content and analytic teams and oversee our new database marketing initiatives.

Every week, we’ll be sharing information with you that goes into greater detail about these and other topics related to the transition of the agency. We hope this first one some of the bigger questions you may have. Until our next update, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any concerns you’d like answered.