cj Transition: New Roles and Shifting Responsibilities

by Renee Brank | February 12, 2018

The process of Jimmy and Arnie shifting their responsibilities to Chad and the new team is happening right now and will continue through 2018.

Here is the vision for that part of the transition:

Who is running the agency now?

The agency has been very successful for a long time. Right now, we’re in a “sustaining success” mode. Chad, Steve, James, and the new team members are here to build upon what already works, not change the successful formula. The first phase of that process is learning and understanding what is currently in place. To that end, we are following the lead of Arnie, Jimmy, and the Leadership team in these early stages. The new team members are gradually getting more involved in the decision-making processes. The initial plan is not for Chad to assume every aspect of Arnie’s and Jimmy’s roles, but for some of those responsibilities to go to the people best suited to perform them.

What happens to Arnie’s accounts?

Micki Love is working with Arnie on a weekly basis to transition his clients over to her. The process is going very smoothly and being well received by the clients.

How often will Chad be in Nashville?

The goal is for Chad to be at cj every three to four weeks. That frequency can change as needed.

Who do I call now?

Right now, call who you would normally call for answers. Chad, as CEO, is in constant communication with members of Leadership at cj and is helping develop and execute a strategy for future growth. Micki Love is also working with the team to further develop client-specific strategy. As Chad and Micki get more integrated into the workflow, you will be directed to them on specific issues.

We hope this information has been helpful. If you need clarification for any points above, please let us know. We’re happy to discuss everything we know so far.