2014 Media Goal

by Angel Putman | March 6, 2014

Question:  What is a key focus for cj Media this year?

Answer:  Communication.  Better yet, proactive communication.

Over the years, we have gone through some changes when it comes to communication at cj and in Media as well.  Are we communicating too much?  Are we not communicating enough?  Do our clients even read what we send them?

We have extensive processes that we follow so that we get the best results for our clients.  What we have found is that in some cases, our tenured clients have forgotten what we do, and our newer clients don’t know what we do.

In order to alleviate that problem, we are working towards making sure all of our clients know what we do for them.  The plan was kicked off a few weeks ago when Laura Hudson sent 2013 recaps with interesting stats for our clients to see a summary of the year.

A few words from Laura:

“Hopefully you found your 2013 re-cap to be a helpful snap-shot of the year.  As this year progresses, you will hear more from me on various topics ranging from the small, like where we are in the media cycle, (i.e., “what are you doing for me right now?”), to the large, like any strategic changes we’re planning to implement.

My goal this year is to make sure you’re as informed as you want to be.  If you don’t want to know how the sausage is made, then I certainly won’t tell you.  But if you’d like a tour of the kitchen, dirty hands and all, then come on in – I’ll be glad to show you around.”

So, besides our ongoing priority of generating calls, this year we want to work towards giving you the information you want.  For some of you, that will be status quo, “That’s what I pay you for and I trust you,” and for some it will be, “I want to know what you are doing for me on a daily basis.”

We welcome your feedback and can only give you what you want if you tell us.  Thanks for your ongoing trust in what we do for you—-here’s to a successful 2014!