Is 2017 Really a 53 Week Year?

So you think you have a pretty good understanding of the calendar. 365 days, 52 weeks and each month begins on the 1st. And then you step into the media world and we tell you that the broadcast month of April actually started on Monday, […]

The Endless TV Buffet

The days of having only a few channels and no remote is long over. Now the options seem endless. The options range from over-the-air, cable, satellite and alternatives like Apple TV and Roku. What are they and what do we recommend?

It’s an Election Year…So What Does it All Mean?

The Presidential election in 2012 broke records for spending levels. Predictions for 2016 are saying this year will be way bigger than what we’ve seen in the past, with a huge number upwards of about $8 billion being spent during this political season. As you […]

Nielsen and Rentrak: A Tale of Two Ratings Providers

Nielsen has been measuring television audience viewership since 1950. While its methodology has changed in many ways, the company has been the leader in the business ever since. Since Nielsen’s introduction, other services have come and gone. The newest player in the market is Rentrak. […]

Programmatic: A New Approach to Media Buying

There’s a new buying strategy taking the media world by storm. It’s called programmatic buying. I’m sure you’re intrigued to learn all about it. I know I was curious, especially since I’ve been struggling to even spell the term correctly. In simple terms, programmatic buying […]

Digital Stations: What Are They and Why Do We Buy Them?

The days of only having a few stations to choose from are long gone. Remember when there were only three major networks? What about when a few local stations turned themselves into a network and we welcomed FOX to the airwaves? Now, there are a […]

Meet the Media Buyers Who Keep You Ahead of Upcoming Trends

The world of media is ever-changing, and if you’re not leading, you’re following. Luckily, your cj media team works hard to keep you informed, ensure the best placement for your media schedules, and keep your brand in the spotlight. Over the next few months, we’ll […]