3 Easy Ways to Get More Referrals

by Renee Brank | February 5, 2021

What is the most important lead source that you should be maximizing? REFERRALS. In our team’s years in the legal industry, we can tell you two key things about them: 

  • The highest value cases often come from past clients or other people in your network.
  • The #1 reason accident victims choose to call a specific lawyer is because someone told them to.

So the potential for high volume and high value cases makes referrals a BIG DEAL. But if you don’t ask, you don’t receive. Since you’ve invested a lot of time and energy into serving your clients, you should be giving them the chance to be your firm’s ambassadors. And all you have to do is mine your database and ASK.

Here Are 3 Easy Ways to Do It:

#1. Train staff to finish all client communication with a polite ask and end every successful case with an ask. 

Here are some simple, natural ways to weave this into your client conversations: 

  • Opportunity to ask for referrals is always easiest when a client is saying “Thank you.” You can simply respond by saying, “You don’t have to thank us. Just refer us to a friend. We want to help more people like you.”
  • If you’re talking to a client and there’s not an organic way to ask, just say something like, “You know… if you know anyone who needs our help, send them our way. We’d love to work with them the same we worked with you.”

#2. Include referral requests on postcards, mailers, emails, and social media.

Here are a couple of ways to ask for referrals in these types of communications: 

  • Many cj clients have shot case update videos which are shared via email, and referral language is scripted into the majority of them. See how The Vance Law Firm asks for referrals at the end of this one
  • Here’s a referral postcard that cj client Berg Injury Lawyers has done in the past during Heart Month. (And if you’re sending out any direct mail pieces on any topic, consider putting a red heart sticker on it asking recipients for a referral.) 

#3. Automate a request on your digital signatures. 

Adding a request to your email signature is especially helpful because it’s compact, free, and automated. By doing this, every time you send an email, you’re asking for a referral. And it’s as simple as adding text to the bottom such as, “Know someone who needs our help, too? Send them our way. We’d love to work with them the same way we worked with you.”  

Heart Month Is a Perfect Time to Check Your Database’s Pulse.

February is Heart Month (aka the month of love) and that extends to the relationships between businesses and their customers. It’s a great time to mine those database gems and train your team how to ask for referrals. Your bottom line will thank you.

If you need any help with creative for your referrals, we’d love to assist. Contact your Brand Strategist today to discuss options.

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P.S. Since we’re talking about referrals, if you know a law firm that needs a good ad agency, send them our way. We value your insight, and your recommendation is gold to us. See? It’s that easy. 😉