You’ve Written a Killer Press Release. What’s Next?

by Suzanne Lee | May 1, 2023

The Value of Press Release Distribution

A well-written press release can enhance your law firm’s brand and increase public exposure. Press releases can generate media coverage to tell a large audience what is new, different, or exciting about your law firm.


Once you have a compelling press release, what are the next steps?


Know Your Media Audience


Press release distribution gets your release in front of a large, targeted audience to traditional or digital media outlets, including journalists, social networks, bloggers, and influencers. Widening your press release’s audience helps land coverage in newspapers, radio, TV, podcasts, or blogs. If the release is only posted on a firm’s website, most people will not be aware of it.


Manual distribution identifies the journalists who may be most interested in creating a story based on your news release. This is done by researching journalists who have previously written about your topic or industry. Emailing your release to every journalist, no matter their area of expertise, can be a huge waste of time. Instead, you want to build a distribution list of specific journalists who have previously covered similar topics. Building a manual distribution list is not always easy and can be time-consuming.


If you are on a tight schedule and don’t have the time to reach out to the local press manually, a press release distribution service may be right for your law firm. Using a distribution service will also provide analytics such as who opened your release and how many times the release was read and forwarded. These insights can help refine your approach for future press releases. These insights can help refine your approach for future press releases.



Determine Day and Time of Distribution


Now that you know a little about how to identify a press release’s media audience, the next piece of the puzzle is determining the day and time of distribution. Specific days and times have more favorable success rates.


Some journalists prefer to receive press releases in the morning; some prefer to sort through press releases in the afternoon. In today’s world, many businesses are active 24/7; however, you may have more success garnering press coverage by sending your release mid-week vs. Monday morning or Friday afternoon.


If this process sounds like a lot of trial and error—it is! The good news is that cj PR is available to help both write a compelling news release and determine which distribution channels are right for your law firm. With expert press release content and distribution from cj, law firms will better connect with the media to promote their messaging. If you are a cj client and are ready to learn more about public relations for your law firm, contact your Brand Strategist. Others who want to learn more can reach out to us at