Twitter’s New “Nearby” Feature: What Law Firms Need To Know

by cj Advertising | January 24, 2014

Keep On Radar, Wait for Acceptance By Mainstream/Larger Audience


Back in December, Twitter made headlines when it began experimenting with a new feature dubbed “Nearby.”  This new timeline feature lets mobile app Twitter users see tweets from other nearby Twitter users whether they follow them or not. This feature will likely get more media coverage in the coming months. For now, law firms should be aware of this new feature but hold off on taking action until it rolls out to a wider audience.

The service appears to be in beta-mode, only available to a limited pool of mobile users who have elected to share their location information on Twitter. It seems like an obvious play from the microblogging service to gain a foothold into local marketing space and compete with services like FourSquare, Yelp and Google for local advertising dollars.

There are a number or reasons why law firms need to be aware of this service and keep it on their radar screen.

Engagement – This feature let’s users and businesses see what’s happening around them. It gives you the ability to monitor conversations, see what your potential clients are talking about. It also let’s you monitor what other businesses (and  competitors) are discussing .

Amplification – The new service lets all users near you see your tweets whether they follow you or not. This gives you the ability to be found by a group of Twitter users who may not otherwise have found you or seen your tweets. As always, make sure you have something relevant and interesting to say when expanding your audience.

Community Goodwill/Branding – This is another tool in your marketing toolbox to help you brand your firm in your community and build goodwill. Promote and retweet nearby charities and non-profits, particularly those with whom you have an existing relationship. Pay attention to neighborhood issues that affect your surrounding community. Be part of the conversation.

So what do you do next? Stay tuned. This feature is still in testing mode. As it gains traction and more information becomes available, we will keep you updated with news. More importantly, we’ll create a plan of action that will let your law firm get the most out of emerging marketing opportunities like this.

We’ll continue to monitor Twitter’s “Nearby” feature as it rolls out. Your client services representative will contact you when action is needed to begin utilizing this service.