The Powerful Ps of 2020: Pandemic and Political

by Angel Putman | August 19, 2020

2020—What a Year! It’s only August, but this year has presented more challenges world-wide than any of us have experienced. And it’s not over yet.

COVID-19 has disrupted everyone’s lives, both personally and professionally. And here at cj, we’re learning new ways to persevere and keep our clients informed and thriving.

Every law firm is different, including how things like COVID and elections affect their marketing and business. We have worked through some crazy months this year and found ways to strategize for each individual firm and their unique set of needs and circumstances.

The Work Has Paid Off

We are happy to say that most of our firms are reaching lead volume averages that are back to pre-COVID or better. The hard work and commitment to move forward is paying off.

Oh, don’t forget. This is also a presidential election year. We sure haven’t forgotten.

Yes, we have weathered many political storms during key election years. We know we’ll see big spending being dumped into markets. Because reports are already showing that.

Surprised? No, we aren’t either. We can’t control what the politicians do, but we can move forward by staying the course. It’s worked in the past, and it’s working now.

Keep On Keeping On

Although we’re pleased with the progress made during a time when business and life are vulnerable, we must be realistic and know that some weeks are going to be crazier than others. Some markets will be greatly affected and others…not so much. But the overarching theme for all markets and areas of PI advertising seems to be this: Keep on keeping on!

Here’s to more hard work and staying positive as we get closer to closing out 2020!

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