SEO Highlights: Issue 3

by cj Advertising | July 23, 2013

This blog post was written by Matthew Wilson, an SEO Specialist at cj Advertising.

In this issue of “SEO Highlights”, our main focus will be on what the newest Penguin algorithm update means for search. The dust is still settling after the newest Penguin algorithm update to Google.

What is the Penguin Algorithm?

The Penguin update is an algorithmic one and the main purpose behind the update, and subsequent rollouts, is to catch excessive spammers. The majority of the spammers aim to manipulate Google rankings through excessive amounts of backlinks.

After the update, some webmasters saw an increase in their search engine rankings, some saw a decline, and others stayed the course.

Fortunately, the SEO team at cj stays on top of algorithm updates and monitors them closely for any fluctuations or aspects that need our attention.

SEO’s Survival Guide: Penguin Edition

Best practices are called best practices for a reason. The websites who adhere to these techniques weren’t negatively affected after the Penguin algorithm update. Penguin is an update to the search algorithm designed to catch excessive spammers. To illustrate the importance of always using SEO best practices, we’ve put together a list of though provoking articles and tips on how to get your SEO back on track if you’ve been cutting corners.

Penguin 2.0: Your Roadmap to Recovery
Webmasters who bent the rules and knowingly employed those techniques before the algorithm update are now sitting at a disadvantage compared to those who didn’t. Shortcuts that may have worked for a time can end up spelling disaster for campaigns. Adopting a long-view strategy and shifting focus away from short, quick-sighted gains is the first step on the road to recovery.

How I Grew TechCrunch’s Traffic by 30% in 60 Days
No site is too big to benefit from proper SEO. This case study shows how an SEO firm was able to increase the traffic of popular technology website TechCrunch by 30 percent in just 60 days using some of the latest SEO best practices.

Understanding the Why in SEO
Often, companies will reuse an SEO technique because they know from past successes that it works, without completely understanding why it works. Knowing why a technique works can help steer its implementation.

Spark New Ideas with these Keyword Research Tools/Tips
Choosing the right keywords can be the center point for many SEO campaigns.
There’s no single right way to go about the research, and getting stuck in one particular method can be the difference between success and failure for the campaign.

This was a big week for the cj SEO team. We continue to monitor Google’s latest update to see where search rankings end up.

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Stay tuned for the next issue of SEO Highlights.