SEO Highlights – Issue 1

by cj Advertising | April 10, 2013

This blog post is written by Matthew Wilson, an SEO Specialist at cj Advertising.

“SEO Highlights” is a bi-weekly roundup of relevant SEO-related articles from cj’s Interactive SEO team.

With the recent Panda Update on March 15, SEO tactics and strategy are in the spotlight of many SEO websites and discussions. Catch up on the latest by reading these articles:

  • 7 Tips for Finding Your Competitors’ Linkable Assets and RCS
    Use this list of tools to find out about your competitors’ linkable assets. These tools can give you big picture insight into your competitors’ tactics and where they are focusing their SEO efforts.
  • Optimizing a Business with Multiple Locations
    Review these tips and best practices for optimizing a business website with multiple geographical locations. These tips shed light on industry best practices and offer perspective on what SEO methods are used when optimizing for websites with multiple locations.
  • Google Penalized One Article on BBC’s Web Site
    A recent BBC article was penalized for unnatural links. Google’s method of reviewing websites found that this page may have used paid or spam-related links.The article penalty came as a surprise because BBC is one of the largest news sources in the world and not one that you would expect to be penalized for questionable link tactics.In summary, quick, short-sighted gains are never good for the long run.BBC’s article penalization shows that no business is too big to be penalized. Google’s updates to their algorithm are becoming more and more aggressive and granular in identifying bad content and questionable tactics.
  • Black Hat or White Hat SEO? It’s Time To Ask Better Questions
    This article addresses the ever-changing risks versus rewards of white and black hat SEO. The article contends that white hat SEO is (and always will be) the safest method of website optimization for Google’s search engine algorithm.

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