Keeping You in the Hulu Loop

by Jenny Druckenmiller | April 30, 2015

Even with the landscape of television changing, broadcast still maintains strong viewership. But, over-the-top (OTT) services continue to grow, with the likes of Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Instant Video becoming household names.

The question is: what can these online video services do for you and your firm? We originally tackled this topic back in 2011, so it’s time to see how the platform has changed over the past four years. Today, I am going to touch base on one of the most popular services.

What You Need to Know About Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is an ad-supported online video service offering 540 content providers with a selection of television shows, news, movies, and more. It can be accessed by multiple media players ranging from Apple TV to Roku. You can pull up Hulu on several devices, including internet-ready TVs, tablets, computers, phones, and game consoles.

Hulu Plus offers geo-targeted advertising, which means audiences can be targeted at the state, DMA, and zip code levels. This has become increasingly popular in all markets.

A recent Media Daily News article notes that, “Nearly 60% of U.S. consumers subscribe to an OTT provider, such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Amazon Prime Video. In addition, more than 75% of streaming video-player owners have an OTT subscription.”

What demographics use Hulu?

  • 60% are adults age 18-49
  • 52% are adults age 25-54
  • Average viewer age is 39
  • $72K mean household income
  • 31% have a household income over 100K

What are the options for advertising on Hulu?

There are several ways to advertise on Hulu. Options include video interactive placement, video companions, brand placement, and sponsorships.

Hulu is the largest provider of premium content in the local marketplace. It’s also DVR-proof, meaning consumers can’t fast-forward through your ads, and category-exclusive in the same pod, currently delivering 92% viewability. They only charge for ads viewed to 100% completion.

Who should advertise on Hulu?

Broadcast television is still the best and most proven investment for your advertising dollars. But your Media team wants you to be aware that viewers sometimes supplement their TV viewing time with online video content.

Hulu and similar mediums are great branding mediums. If you’re looking to try something fun and different after your TV budget has grown beyond daytime and other forms of traditional media, Hulu might be the next step.

Your Media buying team works hard to stay on top of the latest trends and opportunities. As new options and trends come to light, we will continue to keep you in the loop.