How to Get More and BETTER Reviews

by cj Advertising | August 1, 2022

There was a statistic in the 1990s that suggested that if someone ate at a good restaurant, they would tell at least one other person. But if they ate at a lousy restaurant, they would tell at least 12 other people. Of course that was before the internet allowed us to be able to give opinions to everyone. And because of a review’s ability to reach the masses, a bad review has never been worse for business than it is now.

Today, reviews are essential for better Google rankings in the competitive personal injury law space. It is also critical for more referrals.

So what are some ways that you can improve customer service to improve reviews and increase referrals?

The number one way to improve the customer journey while you are working on the client’s case is through consistent, strategic, and thoughtful communication. It is through communication that your firm can leave every client with only nice things to say about you.

Communication is Your Superpower

Here are some tips for making important connections throughout your client’s case:

Monthly Conversation Process: Your client hired you to take care of them. But this could possibly be their first time through this experience and they need to hear from you. Emails and text do not take the place of an in-person or phone conversation. Great firms have processes in place that all clients are contacted by phone at least once every 30 days. This is also necessary to help manage the medical treatment and listen for signs that the person has more severe injuries than diagnosed initially.

Case Update Videos:  There are several points in a case that need additional explanation, are more complicated, or can take longer than the average person understands. Therefore, having the owner, partner, or firm spokesperson record specific information related to certain points in a case can help bring another personal touch. These videos can be integrated in the firm’s case management software to trigger to send when the case reaches a milestone. A few suggested points in the case to send a video: welcome after signing, settlement, and deposition. It is important to keep the language understandable and not over two minutes long.

Survey During the Case:  Isn’t it better to understand how the client feels during their journey instead of after when you can’t make a difference?  Sending out a short one or two-sentence text message with the option of feedback can be automated, and it could save the firm months of trying to undo the negativity. It is also a great way to understand how your team represents you.

Gifts Sent by Your Staff:  If your team has consistent communication, especially phone calls with the clients, they will know more about the client’s life than just how they feel. Your paralegals and case managers will know if something remarkable has happened in the client’s life (like a child getting an award at school, winning a big sporting event, marriage, etc.}  What a great opportunity for the staff member to send a gift!  It doesn’t have to be expensive, but something that has value and meaning. People don’t forget when they’re treated like a friend.

Settleversary:  A day your clients will never forget is the day their case is complete and they receive their check. The anniversary of this date is the perfect time to remind them that you were there for them by sending a congratulations gift, video, or card to celebrate the one-year settlement anniversary! Be the lasting memory.

We’re Here to Discuss Creative Ways to Communicate

If you’re already a member of the cj family, reach out to your Brand Strategist if you have any questions or want to toss around ideas to help your firm get MORE and BETTER reviews. But if you’re simply passing through our blog space, we welcome you to reach out to our team to schedule a time to chat.