Googling Videos

by cj Advertising | April 20, 2012

Several clients have noticed that the general video search on the main page of Google now says “YouTube” rather than “videos.” These same clients have expressed concern that this means the videos living on their main site will no longer be searchable. Not the case. Our in-house VSEO (Video Optimization) guru has provided the answer below, which will hopefully allay any fears that you may have.

Google revamped their homepage at the beginning of 2012, and among the services in their Google bar you may notice the YouTube link.  This is Google’s encouragement for you to navigate through and use all of their services; YouTube being their video service and the second largest search engine in the world. Will this new YouTube feature affect the your video search results? Never fear, we have you covered.  Since 2008, EXP and Video SEO have been managing, optimizing, and syncing all custom video content to all individual client YouTube channels. The addition of the YouTube link on to the Google bar makes it easier for a searcher to search video content as they would regular web-based content.

Google will continue to index video content based on the same variables:

  • Title, Description, Tags
  • Views
  • Engagement
  • New Video Content
  • Age of Video
  • Likes (Facebook, Twitter, G+)
  • Keyword Research

Knowing this, we can assume that the YouTube link in the Google bar will have a positive effect on your video search results. With the accessibility and exposure of this new feature, we should see an increase in video searches and a natural increase in viewership across all client channels compared to year’s prior. EXP and Video SEO will continue adapting to YouTube’s ever-changing features and updates to ensure that all custom offsite video content is discoverable through search.

Did you know that cj is the only agency its size in the country that has a staff Vidseo SEO specialist? It’s true. The first agency to ever have one was McCann Erickson’s Chicago office – and that was only one year ago, shortly after we had appointed our own. Our Video SEO spends all day, every day, analyzing the viewership of your videos, ensuring they are properly and optimally tagged for indexing, making sure the titles contain words with valuable search volume behind them, and generally making sure that we know how much our videos are used and for how long – and how effectively – they are engaged. We gather the data for our analysis from the Brightcove dashboard. Brightcove is the preeminent platform for online streaming video and services the likes of HULU, AOL, Fox and many large media companies.. We are, again, the only agency of our size to subscribe to the Brightcove platform. Have anymore questions? Contact the guru herself, Amie Simmons at