Expert Tips on Newsworthy Press Releases for PI Firms

by Suzanne Lee | April 24, 2023

If you are a member of the cj family of law firms, you are familiar with multiple legal advertising channels. However, relying on paid advertising alone is insufficient in today’s crowded marketplace. Another vital piece of your law firm’s overall branding should include personal injury law firm public relations.

Advertising and PR: What’s The Difference?

Advertising is paid communication to promote or sell a product or service, while public relations is earned media. This means convincing reporters and editors to write a positive story about your law firm, your law firm’s client, brand, or issue. A law firm’s message will have more believability when it appears in an article or news story verified by an independent third party. Advertising builds exposure, while public relations build trust.

Determining Newsworthiness

The starting point for a news story is a well-written press release. A press release is an efficient way to feed your information to reporters tasked with turning out stories faster than ever, with limited budgets and timelines.

Your press releases must reveal something new or “newsworthy” to capture the media and your audience’s attention. Newsworthy means your press release is timely, relevant, and impactful.

A press release is not an ad and should not focus on low prices, or gimmicks— or use a direct appeal to consumers like a “Call Now!” or “Hurry while supplies last!” A press release should always lead with a news angle and appeal to the interest of both media and critical audiences. Almost anything can be turned into a news story, but you must find an interesting hook.

Don’t Know Where to Start? The Possibilities are Plentiful for PI Firms

Here are some ideas that exist within your law firm that may surprise you:

  • Relocating or opening a new office
  • Announcing a contest or competition
  • Announcing contest results
  • Celebrating a company milestone or anniversary
  • Supporting a non-profit or cause in your local community
  • Volunteering within your local community
  • Participating in a national or local event
  • Receiving an award
  • Announcing a verdict or an accomplishment
  • Rebranding or updating your company name
  • Promoting an upcoming event
  • Announcing something tied to a holiday such as Thanksgiving gift card giveaways, Halloween safety guides, Fourth of July cookout safety guides
  • Announcing something tied to a local or national story or event
  • Offering free training or resources that help prevent injuries, such as how to install a car seat properly
  • Hosting a webinar

Your law firm is full of great stories. Shared on social media, your published story can last a long time with re-posts and tweets. If you are a cj client and you’re ready to learn more about public relations for your law firm contact your Brand Strategist. If you’re simply passing through our blog and want to learn more about the myriad ways we serve our clients, reach out to us at We look forward to hearing from you.

Stay tuned for Part Two: “You’ve Written your Press Release. Now What?”