Back to the Future

by Renee Brank | June 30, 2016

ArnieHeadshotOnce upon a time from 2001 through about 2011, local mass tort advertising campaigns were an active and regular occurrence. Most clients will remember the typical sequence of emails, conference calls, deal options, and most of all…the havoc of intake for nearly every campaign.

Although a huge pain to get through, for those who engaged regularly, the win for your clients and your firm has likely been well worth the effort. The last supported mass tort campaign ran way back in 2012, and many have asked if local torts options might ever return.

Albeit with differences in structure, the answer is yes, and the time might be now.

Here’s the deal. Not every tort need be considered for a local run… however, here are the characteristics that would make a run worth the effort…

Volume – not too high (as to overwhelm your team with valueless calls) and not too low (as to make you wonder why you even dropped a line)

  1. Value – obviously we’re looking for cases with enough value that it makes sense to share and devote coveted resources
  2. Support – which and how many litigating firms are seeking these cases? How much money have they already invested in case acquisition? Are they willing to support your efforts by contributing to airtime and/or production expenses?
  3. Intake Capacity – what’s your firm’s capacity to properly screen, do intake, and sign up potential cases, and how much impact will it have on your core business?

At current, there are 2 or 3 torts that would likely fit the volume and value targets: Abilify, Talc Cancer, and possibly Risperdal. We are in talks with litigation firms now about creating fair and appropriate support, and I wanted you to start thinking about how your team might react to mixing in a local tort project about once a quarter. Would you be willing to give up part of your regular rotation of traffic? Would you be willing to divert your intake team for a week or three from your normal routine? Would it be worth the distraction for your firm?

More info and conversation to come as we work this project and opportunity forward.