7 Gift Ideas That Are a Hit With Referral Partners

by Renee Brank | October 3, 2022

A question we hear often from law firms is, “We’d like to send something special to our referral partners to thank them and show appreciation. Do you have any gift recommendations?”

Now, first things first: If you are a law firm who is considering sending a gift, always check with your state bar association and/or ethics counsel to ensure that you are ethically permitted to do so in your state. If you have gotten the all-clear, gift giving is a fantastic way to show appreciation and build relationships.

Now, The Hard Part: What to Send 

There are a lot of different factors to consider when sending a gift to a referral partner, such as relationship level, personalization, and budget. You should assess how often you work with them, the type, quality, and number of referrals they’re sending to you, and their personal interests to come up with a gameplan.

No matter your budget, though, we highly recommend sending gifts that have a personal touch. The entire gift can be personalized to that person’s interests or at the very least, you should accompany it with a note or similar that IS personalized.

When it comes to your own branding, adding your logo to the packaging or to certain inexpensive products can certainly be a good way to ensure that your recipient remembers your brand. However, we do not recommend adding a logo to more expensive items such as luxury luggage, nice electronics, etc., as it makes it less likely that the item will be used. If you do decide to put a logo on these types of items, you may want to consider making your logo smaller or a little more discreet. 

Below we have compiled some of our favorite referral gifts we’ve seen over the years. This list includes a variety of options for different budget levels. Check them out, and let us know if you have any successful gift ideas to share, too. We’d love to hear them!

A Few of Our Favorite Gifts  

  1.  Customized Gift Boxes: You can use customized packaging to send a box of goodies to your referral partner. The box could include their favorite wine or beverages, favorite items specific to your city or state, or anything customized based on the person you’re sending it to. It’s a great way to send things that they like while presenting it in a package with your logo on it.
  2.  Branded Yeti Tumblers: These always get a lot of use, and you could personalize them even further by getting them engraved. We’ve even seen some firms who have personally delivered a Yeti Cooler filled with the recipient’s favorite beverages. 
  3.  High-quality Apparel: A nice-quality branded shirt, polo, jacket, or hat are always great gift options. Depending on your relationship, budget, and level of referral received, you could also upgrade to luxury items, such as designer leather bags, shoes, boots, etc.
  4.  Electronics: For the more tech-savvy or on-the-go referral source, items such as branded wireless chargers, airpods, and power banks are always useful. For higher level referrals, we’ve even seen some law firms gift appliances, such as a Traeger grill.
  5.  Travel Items: For the jetsetter referral source, you may want to consider gifting them things like a nice passport holder, a travel pouch, or a carry-on bag. For higher level referrals, you could consider getting them designer luggage.
  6.  Sweets & Treats: When in doubt, Crumbl Cookies, Tiff’s Treats, or similar dessert delivery vendors in your area always make for great gifts. Some of these services even offer customized packaging that you can put your logo on. And if you have time and want to go that extra mile, you can deliver your gifts in person. While we specifically mentioned dessert vendors here, you can definitely branch out to other types of food. We’ve seen some firms send savory gifts, such as high-quality steaks and ribs.    
  7.  Take Them Out to Lunch or Out on the Town! Nothing beats quality time AND a great meal or experience. We know some firms that make it a goal to take out their referring attorneys and providers a certain amount of times a year. It’s personal, and it’s an opportunity to get to know them better, build your relationship with them, and learn the things that they like for more personalized gifts in the future.  

Questions? We’re Here to Help 

We hope you find this list helpful to continue building relationships within your network and community. Get creative, have fun with it, and make it memorable for the person receiving the gift!

If you’re a cj client and you’re looking for more gift inspirations, please feel free to reach out to your Brand Strategist. Not a cj client? We’d love to chat more! Drop us a line at askus@cjadvertising.com.