Welcome Back (to Media) Ringger

by Angel Putman | December 17, 2013

Well, actually, she is now Laura Hudson, not “Ringger.” She will always be Ringger to us since that nickname stuck over 10 years ago when Laura joined cj Advertising, via the Media Department.
Her five years in Media started with managing the invoice process from start to finish, then managing what spots ran for our clients as a Traffic Manager. She then moved to managing our clients’ media dollars as a Media Buyer, and eventually Senior Media Buyer.
After her time in Media, Laura took on the role of Brand Manager and learned more about other parts of our agency world.
Her next stop was Interactive Project Manager. The knowledge and experience she gained in these roles outside of Media only increased her value.
Laura re-joined the Media team on 12/2/13 and is managing all media projects as well as media client communications. She will join forces with me and our buying team to provide consistent, beneficial communication on an ongoing basis. We are already in the early stages of putting the plan in place, which we hope to be executing in 1st Qtr. 2014.
For those clients that have been around for a long time and have forgotten what cj Media does, and for the newer clients who just don’t know yet: our plan is to leave no doubts as to what we do for you and why we are the best option for placing media for personal injury attorneys.