Raise the Ceiling

by Jordan Redfearn | April 18, 2012

The Nashville Post wrote a piece about how important training is, and how our fearless leader, Arnie, implements what he learns into his business.

At cj, we believe that learning about your job makes you do the best you can possibly do. Which is why we don’t cut back on our training opportunities.

Arnie used the three-year Entrepreneurial Masters Program to learn and implement new strategies into his business.  You have to be dedicated to attend the EMP, as it requires a lot of time and money, speakers, personal coaching, and experience-sharing among 75 other business owners chosen to attend every year.

Andy Bailey, CEO of Nationlink Wireless says that it’s a good way to build relationships and keep your other business owners in your class accountable.

“They’re used to holding other people accountable, but holding themselves accountable is a very different thing,” said Bailey, adding that the business owners in his class still meet yearly, even after completing the program.

Arnie goes to these summits armed with pen and paper, jotting down notes constantly as he is inspired by the hustle and bustle around him. He also recommends reading the speakers’ books ahead of time, to let the message really soak in.

“The notes are half about what I’m hearing and half what come to mind as I’m hearing it,” he says.

Bailey and Malham both try not to implement TOO many ideas in their own business, as Arnie limits himself to three, and tries his hardest to resist the temptation to reveal his ideas to his employees.

“That’s a recipe for disaster,” he says. “They weren’t there, they didn’t hear it, they don’t understand it. They’re busy working, and all you’re doing is creating more work. It’s about little steps … slowly adding the ingredients to what becomes the new stew.”

This post courtesy of The Nashville Post.