Hogshead Revisited: Mystique Part II

by David Rumsey | January 22, 2013

According to Sally Hogshead’s Fascination Advantage Test, one of the primary psychological triggers used by personal injury lawyers is mystique. So in my last post, I promised to show an example of a mystique-inducing lawyer commercial.

Here’s a little humdinger titled Happy Clients that we produced for Zanes Law of Arizona. The message aligns well with the firm’s commitment to 5 Star customer service and is delivered using a technique specifically designed to arouse curiosity.

Here’s how it works.

After a short set-up by CEO Claudia Zanes, the copy consists entirely of actual quotes from exit surveys completed by clients of Zanes Law. Just like a book cover loaded with rave reviews or a movie trailer brimming with snippets of audience reactions, Happy Clients shows only the pinnacle of customer satisfaction. There are no specifics about the mechanics or the process—just raw emotion in short bursts.

We at cj Advertising believe in this concept. So much so, we’ve made similar spots for Nurenberg Paris in Ohio and William Mattar Law Offices in New York based on its large social media following.

The results?

Effective commercials that create buzz about the firms’ success and leave the viewer with two burning questions: “How did they do it?” and “Can they do it for me?”

That’s mystique, and there’s more where that came from!