cj Marketing Workshop: You Came. We Learned. You Responded.

by Renee Brank | September 22, 2016

marketing logo 2016On May 12th, we hosted the first ever cj Marketing Workshop. The event, designed to help us learn and connect with the marketing directors of our clients, was a hit! And not just because WE say so. We asked 4 marketing directors who attended the workshop just one question: What did you take away from the Marketing Workshop that you have utilized since? And this is what they had to say:

Cerissa Stevens (Steinger, Iscoe & Greene):

  • “The marketing workshop was a turning point for me… gave me the drive to accomplish the goals I set at the beginning of the year.”

Crystal Williams (Colbert Cooper Hill):

  • “We have added an intake department, I am building relationships with local TV reps and within the community to further our brand.”

Adam Amundson (Crumley Roberts):

  • “One key take away for me was that many of our agency partner firms are dealing with similar issues. This has really enabled me to think about a problem more globally and enlist the help of colleagues if we bump into something unfamiliar. Putting faces to those names and continuing to build a relationship is part of the job and will only help all of us as we move forward!”
  • “One last take away was the way that cj regularly and actively elicits feedback from their own people. We are in the process of rolling this out internally and believe it will be one of the keys to putting us over the top in the hearts and minds of our employees, who work so hard for our brand!”

Dawn Raub (William Mattar):

  • “I got this idea from break time: Plastic frames on the inside of all restroom doors (captive audience!). Slide in an inspirational phrase and change once in a while!” “Apply for awards from local foundations, business organizations, media outlets, etc. Great to use in marketing, on website, in ads, social media and with testimonials.”
  • “Newsjacking-search google to see what people are talking about so we can blog about it”
  • “Video blogs: perhaps encourage our principal to record a few short video blogs while on the road or when he is somewhere unique or interesting. His spontaneous posts always draw the best responses.”
  • “Poll staff on the best….. pizza… coffee…whatever! Then post the results & tag that company on your post. Call to tell them you tagged them. It’s a great way to share good moments with local companies to build that community reputation!” “Get more client testimonials footage.”
  • “I think perhaps my biggest take away was putting in perspective that there are many other folks out there in the same boat and we’ve now got a network to reach out to when needed! And most important, no matter what is going on, cj is there for us!!!!”

Thanks to all who attended the workshop and to everyone who provided such meaningful feedback. We take your experience to heart, so your responses will serve us as we plan for our marketing sessions at cj Conference 2017!

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