2,000,000 Ways We Win-Win

by Renee Brank | December 20, 2013

Creating just one lead is a victory—creating 2,000,000 is monumental.

Since the day we were founded in September 1994, cj Advertising has helped create 2,000,000 core leads for our clients. Creating this many leads is a huge accomplishment—but it’s our ability to document and track those leads that continues to propel our clients toward success.

Join us in celebrating this recent milestone as we turn our attention to creating the next million leads for clients like you!

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Auto-                      652,084
  • Social Security-   526,907
  • Tort-                       310,947 (local)
  • Workers’ Comp-  266,917
  • Med Mal-               228,010
  • Nursing Home-    13,064
  • Total-                2,005,761