Out with the Old, In with the New

by Lee Sparrow | July 21, 2016

Retro Television SetYou can’t wait to get to work on Monday for discussions around the water cooler about your favorite TV show’s season finale.  Was Margaret shot or not?  Did Bill make it to the airport in time to catch the love of his life before she got on the plane?  The anticipation of next season is almost too much to handle.  Closure is imperative.  You frantically check the web to see if you can hunt down any spoilers or hints about next season, only to find your show has been cancelled.

Life isn’t fair, right?

Welcome to the world of television.  TV is an ever-changing landscape, and networks care about one thing and one thing only: ratings.  Ratings equal money, and if your favorite characters aren’t bringing in the big bucks, then networks aren’t worried about closure for you.

Now is the time of year when new shows are tested in varying markets, and the ones that produce the ratings will be broadcast nationwide.  Did your favorite show make the cut?  The biggest changes typically affect prime time, but daytime isn’t safe from cancellation either.  The syndication world is also in constant flux.  Remember Jenny’s blog about 50-year-old soap operas getting the axe?  Nothing is safe.

But we have your back! We are always researching trends and changes, and keeping our team updated on new shows hitting the airwaves.  If a new show seems to be a great fit for your brand, we’ll take the appropriate steps to ensure you have a presence in its broadcast.  And if a new show isn’t generating calls like we would like, the program can be replaced with something else airing in the market. The buys we place never lie dormant. They, too, are constantly changing to ensure your continued success.