Google’s Panda Update Killed eBay, But You Don’t Have To Worry

by cj Advertising | June 3, 2014

Google recently rolled out a new algorithm update dubbed Panda 4.0. This update is the latest in the Panda series of updates Google initiated back in 2011. The purpose of the updates is to keep spam-based websites with “thin” or “low quality” content from showing up in search results.

Panda 4.0 caused headlines almost immediately because of the impact it had on eBay. The shopping website saw almost 80% of its organic search rankings disappear overnight. The reason? The site has a lot of “doorway” or landing pages with very thin content. Most of the content on these pages consists of ads or links to other sites deeper within eBay, and Panda 4.0 penalized them for not having content deemed meaningful to searchers.

Will Panda 4.0 Affect My Website?

You may be wondering if the new Panda update will negatively impact your site’s traffic or rankings. The good news is, you don’t have to worry.

At cj, we always keep content front and center in our online marketing strategies for the law firms we represent. By using best practices, not shortcuts, we deliver top quality content focused on the needs of people who have been injured. Good content helps you rank highly for topics your potential clients search for, and it sends you traffic that is ready to convert.

Having in-depth, high quality content also means search engines will love and reward your site, regardless of algorithm updates. In fact, the Panda update may weed out other sites with poor content and help your site stand out even more. You win. Search engines win. Searchers win.

So relax and bask in the warm, backlit glow of your well optimized and search engine friendly website.

If you have questions about Panda 4.0 and your website, please reach out to your Interactive Client Services Manager.