We've got 125 years combined experience and the stats to prove it!

With more than 125 years combined experience in the industry and more than 160 processes, our Media Buyers ensure you get the most bang for your advertising buck.

  • $33,972,338

    Total dollars placed by cj Media this year

  • 845,060

    Total number of spots placed by cj Media this year

  • $520,000

    Value of free spots due to station errors


Our media services include:

  • Analyzing your competitors’ television ad spending.
  • Focusing purely on PI advertising to generate calls.
  • Subscribing to industry databases, such as:
    • AdViews
    • Nielsen
    • Strata
    • SQAD
  • Using cjTrack, an in-house database that tracks all spending, calls, and signup data to help us determine when and where to place your ads. Media owns this data and one of the most important reports, Program Tracking, is used by the buyers to determine where ads should be placed based on call data and ad run times.

Our processes, attention to detail, and fascination with data set us apart from other agency media departments. Everything we do is aimed at keeping your advertising costs low and your conversions high.

Buying Services

Using Strata buying software, cj’s media buyers negotiate and buy media time that best meets our clients’ cost and response needs.

Our media buying team comes from a variety of media backgrounds. Together, we use our experience and strategy to maximize the results produced by our campaigns. In cj terms, this means more calls and cases for our clients.


Data Management

As soon as our media buys are placed, we start tracking data from each of our firms. Through our internal tracking system, cjTrack, we monitor our clients’ calls, sign-ups, and spending in a multitude of reports. cjTrack helps us analyze our media schedule to make sure the most efficient buys are in place. 

We also process more than 1,000 invoices per month, which are reviewed and approved by at least three people in the department.


Traffic Management

Our traffic team manages all our clients’ spots. We send traffic to the stations and check every invoice to make sure the right spots run each month.

Next, we analyze the performance of every running spot and make suggestions to clients to ensure we have the most efficient traffic on each schedule. Every month, the traffic team analyzes the current competitive landscape through our CSA application to see where each firm falls among the top spenders in each market.


Yellow Pages Services

It’s no secret that Yellow Pages (YP) advertising is on the decline, but many of our clients still find it to be an effective use of their advertising dollars. The cj YP team now uses LIP tracking (pinpointed tracking through Legal Intake Professionals) to identify which books still produce calls for our clients, and which books are no longer cost efficient. 

Our YP team has also negotiated pay-per-inquiry deals with large YP publishers, so our clients only pay for calls directly resulting from each directory. As we continue to find ways to save YP dollars for our clients, we’re prepared to strategically reallocate those budgets to other media.


Client Services

Media follows more than 160 processes. These processes ensure each client gets the same high level of service as the next.

This also helps us stay consistent internally by facilitating teamwork and productivity. Media’s client services team consists of our Media Director and Project Manager, who give strategic recommendations and streamline ongoing client requests.


Outdoor Services

Along with our TV and Yellow Pages services, cj Media also offers outdoor advertising options. By building solid relationships with outdoor vendors, we provide our clients with great deals and additional opportunities to supplement their advertising campaigns. 

Plus, our media buyers negotiate outdoor deals with the same tenacity as TV deals. These advertisements continue to be a great way to build our clients' brands in several markets.