cj’s Interactive department knows more than amazing websites. We’re your brand’s vehicle for full-service digital marketing. Our goal is your success, and creating your unique and competitive Web presence is our agenda.

How do we do it? We offer a number of innovative services that keep your clients engaged and generate qualified leads. By relying on data, we create proven marketing strategies that put your brand in front of more potential clients, more often.


Your Living, Breathing Brand

Your Web presence goes beyond your website—it’s a 24/7 living, breathing representation of you and your brand. Lucky for you, our qualified teams constantly track your success. That means when we see growth, we go after it. When we see an opportunity to improve a campaign, we blow the competition straight out of the water.

With cj Interactive, you get top-notch legal advertising that propels your brand across multiple formats and the security of knowing that no matter where you are on the Web, we’re here to monitor your brand’s performance and ensure your firm’s success.

Find out what makes cj Interactive your premium choice for legal advertising. Check out our work and our menu of Web services:


There’s more to your website’s design than aesthetics alone. Interactive’s Design team makes sure your website is easy to read, works with your branding, speaks to your demographic, and reflects the latest industry trends.

Whether you’re seeking friendly, helpful design focused on your community outreach, or professional, sleek design focused on direct response, we’ll ensure your website’s design emphasizes your content and promotes a positive user experience, leading users to convert.



Interactive’s Development team has two main functions: front-end development and back-end development. The name of our game is making complex technical achievements look simple by keeping your website stable and live.

Our front-end developers standardize the processes for adding new features to your website—anything that goes live on our server goes through this team first. We’re here to make website updates and troubleshoot potential errors across browsers to ensure your website functions properly.

The back-end development team creates the support structure for the front-end developers. Whether we’re writing a custom program or launching a new form system, we make sure the platforms and programs your website uses to live and breathe are stable when updates are implemented.



If it has words, we’ve seen it. But that’s not all we do. In addition to writing, editing, and proofing the content for your website and marketing campaigns, we roll out recommendations for new website builds and redesigns, write website outlines, audit your competitors’ websites, and work with other Interactive teams to make sure your content represents your brand and drives users to convert.

From concept to completion, Content has our hands (and our pencils) on your copy.



When it comes to sending qualified traffic to your website, you count on cj’s Internet Marketing team to deliver. Our team takes pride in creating optimized, crawlable, and indexable websites that search engines and users love.

We do that by implementing proven strategies, building website structure with effective hierarchy, and managing other necessary components that keep your brand performing well. It’s our goal to build websites that search engines and users want to visit and engage with again and again.



Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an important focus of our Internet Marketing team. By offering a variety of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns through display and search networks, we find new ways to target potential clients in your market.

We do the research on the front end to ensure we create campaigns designed to convert. That’s because our campaigns are smart and work hard to get the most out of your budget while staying as profitable as possible.



When you choose Interactive for your digital marketing, you can feel confident that our Client Services team is treating your business like our own. We believe in putting our clients first, and we’re here to be your trusted advisors. 

As subject matter experts in the online arena, we have the hands-on industry knowledge that means we not only serve as liaisons between your firm and our creative teams, we guide you through the development process to ensure our strategies align with your vision so your brand reaches its full potential. 



User Experience (UX) drives the function and planning behind your website. We’re here to ensure your goals and needs are met while monitoring performance, improving function, and promoting positive user interaction.

Our method? Research. Using historical data collected through stat gathering and testing, we create strategies and make recommendations for implementing the most effective content placement and supporting designs to increase conversions and lower bounce rates.


Project Management

So how do we keep all these teams on track and their projects on deadline? That’s where our project managers come in. From monitoring workloads and determining priorities to establishing project needs and building timelines, we facilitate internal communication and help our teams follow processes.

It’s our job to make sure your Interactive projects are completed right and on time—even if it takes bribes and threats to get the job done.


Case/No Case Tool

For many injury victims, there’s a hesitation to reach out to a lawyer for help. Our Interactive team’s Case/No Case Tool provides your site’s visitors with a fully interactive, no-obligation opportunity to explore the potential of an injury claim before contacting your intake team.

How does it work?

Visitors select their case type and are guided through a series of interactive slides related to factors that can help determine their rights to compensation after an injury.

Case/No Case Tool

once complete, each visitor receives a customized results page with:

  • their name,
  • factors related to their injury type(s),
  • wage loss potential (if applicable),
  • testimonials from your past clients with similar cases,
  • similar case type results achieved by your firm,
  • and a built-in free contact form.


By blending information about your web visitors’ case potential with your firm’s real-world experience handling similar case types, the Case/No Case Tool provides a compelling case to contact your legal team for help.

And the best part? The Case/No Case tool retains all the information provided by visitors prior to submitting its built-in form. The moment your intake team receives a form, they are provided a detailed snapshot of each client who contacts your firm for help.