Audience attention spans are shrinking. Your competitors are getting stronger. Is your current advertising up to the challenge?

cj Advertising’s Creative Services team creates striking and memorable ads for law firms all across the country. We’re innovators and trendsetters, and we know what works. 

Broadcast Spots

Our Emmy-award winning production team works with one goal in mind: to make your brand the most recognizable and trusted in your market. Through visual artistry and pinpoint messaging, our commercials get results while setting your firm apart from your competition.

Plus, with cjTrack, you can measure the effectiveness of your commercials and the reach of your marketing dollars.

Web Videos

EXP is your full-service Web video production team, and it’s our goal to help you convert window shoppers into clients. Our team of videographers, producers, and photographers specializes in pulling back the curtain and showing your clients the human side of your firm.  

On-location shoots are just one slice of the EXP pie. We’re always coming up with new ideas, like editing homegrown videos shot by members of your firm, creating personalized stories for our Day in the Life video series, or inviting you to film in our Nashville studio.


Your brand is every interaction you have with the public. Therefore, maintaining a consistent visual identity is vital to your brand’s success. 

Our design and Client Services teams work with you to ensure your brand speaks powerfully across all platforms. 

Whether you need a fresh new logo or an eye-catching billboard, cj’s design team has you covered.





Cross-Platform Series

Having a strong brand presence across multiple platforms isn’t just about promoting name recognition—it’s about developing multifaceted relationships with potential clients.

Our innovative cross-platform productions bridge the gap between broadcast and interactive media, creating opportunities to connect with your audience on a personal level across multiple formats. Broadcast web series like “After the Accident” demonstrate your firm’s empathy and establish your firm’s authority while giving you the flexibility to convert both online and over the air.




cj National

The national mass tort landscape is a competitive arena. To make you stand out, we ensure your spot is carefully crafted and visually unique. Every national spot is built around a precise call to action to generate high-quality leads, while being emotionally engaging and persuasive.

Your phone number is featured throughout the spot, and every disclaimer is streamlined and bar-compliant. With $80 million worth of national advertising under our belts and countless head-to-head tests against competitors won, our national spots will ensure your firm is getting the most cost-efficient leads in the business.