Your brand is unique – your advertising strategy should be, too.

cj Advertising’s Client Services team collaborates with your firm to create your path to success. We’re your advocates within the agency, ensuring your goals and objectives are transparent and consistent across all departments.

We focus on keeping your brand competitive and unique because we realize the marketing and legal landscapes never stop changing. That’s why Client Services operates on a continual cycle of assessment, strategy, execution, and analysis.


No two firms are alike. So before we develop your marketing strategy, we get to know your history, your staff, your operations, and your personality. We don’t rest until we know how your firm ticks from intake to settlement. We learn where you want to take your firm—and how quickly—and set benchmarks.

Since every organization is fluid, we maintain regular contact so we know about any changes in personnel, practice areas, or other aspects of your firm. We also monitor your markets and jurisdictions for changes in your competition and the legal environment, such as tort reform measures or state bar advertising rules.



Utilizing the expertise of the agency, our team develops sound tactics to achieve your marketing goals. Your firm’s resources aren’t infinite, so our team works with you to prioritize and allocate marketing investments. Together, we create results-oriented marketing strategies that align with your firm’s vision.

Client Services tracks and analyzes your market to identify trends and ensure we are using the right channels. We apply our insights to not only respond to market conditions, but to affect them.



Project management plays a vital role in delivering your marketing elements on time and within budget. Client Services works hand in hand with other departments within cj to ensure a cohesive, consistent approach that supports your firm’s internal initiatives.

Your marketing assets are constantly monitored to make sure they’re implemented as proposed, operating as planned, and updated as necessary. Along the way, we keep you informed of our progress and any potential roadblocks.



Using a variety of measurement tools and analytics—including our lead-tracking software, cjTrack—we assess the effectiveness of our creative messages and engagement channels. Multiple people within the department look for trends and outliers as we seek to optimize each campaign and diagnose problem areas.

We provide over 50 reports via email, called Camel Comps, that are unique to cj and vary from call data to Google reviews. These reports show how your brand is performing alongside other cj brands throughout the year, and are stored within cjTrack’s reporting for quick and easy reference. Putting this information at your fingertips is yet another way we use data to elevate your brand.



From detailed data analyses to personalized coaching, cj Advertising’s Consulting services are one of a kind in the marketplace. Driven by nearly 25 years of experience in personal injury marketing and law firm operations, our team is ready to help you and your staff identify a clear path to success.

We offer basic consulting services to all cj clients, and if your firm requires more personalized input, we have additional packages that include individualized firm planning and one-on-one coaching.