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At cj, we secure federal registration for trademarks to protect the personal injury brands we support.

Since 2007, Jimmy Bewley, cj’s Vice President and General Counsel, has expanded our trademarks into legal markets across the United States and Canada. He’s at the forefront of defending our trademarks from infringement across the digital landscape.

Keep Your Brand in the Right Hands

We know you’ve worked hard to build your brand—and we’re dedicated to keeping it in the right hands. We’ve even encouraged our clients to trademark their firm names to help defend them from competitors’ misleading search engine advertising.

We go to these lengths because your brand’s reputation is only as successful as your willingness to defend it. We regularly check for infringement of our clients’ trademarks across the Web and pursue legal action against infringers. As Web technology advances, we’re dedicated to adapting our trademark protection methods to ensure our clients continue to be safeguarded.

cj Owned Trademarks

  • whenthegoinggetstough-getalawyer.png
  • thetoughgetalawyer.png
  • talktoanurse.png
  • righthererightnow.png
  • nofeeguarantee.png
  • loseyourdebt.png
  • itsgotime.png
  • lifedoesntwait.png
  • hellstandupforyou.png
  • westandup.png
  • getthepower.png
  • getserious.png
  • getreal.png
  • gethelplivenow.png
  • getcarter.png
  • fairshare.png
  • demandyourfairshare.png
  • westandupforyou.png


Client Owned Trademarks

  • wmmfwaf.png
  • vetsnational.png
  • sometimesgoodpeoplemakemistakes.png
  • reallaw.png
  • poncelaw.png
  • mcdivitt.png
  • itsgoodtoknow.png
  • inacrashneedcash.png
  • hurtinacar.png
  • helpingpeople.png
  • getseriousgetstewartgetstarted.png
  • getseriousgetstewart.png
  • childreninjury.png
  • crew.png
  • cartercares.png
  • callmylawyer.png
  • call4help.png
  • 444hurtinacar.png
  • autoinjury.png