Jimmy Bewley - Vice President and General Counsel

Past Experience

Jimmy has an extensive background in broadcast entertainment, having worked for several television networks across Tennessee. For many years he produced and directed numerous national television programs for the (former) Nashville Network, HGTV, and Food Network—just to name a few.

Jimmy and our founder, Arnie Malham, worked together at the CBS affiliate, WTVF, here in Nashville. After both left the station, they continued to work together on projects. More than 20 years ago, after leaving the freelance world behind, Jimmy joined Arnie full-time at cj.

From the company’s beginnings in Arnie’s spare bedroom to our present-day home in the Brandau-Craig-Dickerson Building, Jimmy’s focus has been the growth and success of our agency. It all started with building winning relationships with clients, which continue to drive our company forward today.

Present Role

At age 43, Jimmy had his self-admitted mid-life crisis. But instead of buying a red sports car, he decided to go to law school. Crazy, right? Not for Jimmy. It was a purposeful destiny. This was Jimmy’s opportunity to find relevance beyond his own wildest expectations. In 2007, he earned his Juris Doctor from Nashville School of Law and began serving as cj’s in-house General Counsel.

Jimmy also leverages and protects our intellectual property assets, as well as our clients’, and continually searches for and promotes successful opportunities for all MLG companies. He juggles these roles with ease, providing discussion-focused leadership that fosters constant growth and innovation.

Moving Ahead

Jimmy increases the power of our brands by staying at the forefront of trademark protection in the Google age. Whether he’s pursuing our clients’ competitors for unauthorized use of their intellectual properties or providing guidance on advertising rules, you can be sure Jimmy’s keeping our brands in the right hands.

At Home

Jimmy is an avid runner, hiker, and self-proclaimed explorer. He chooses mountains over beaches. Beer over wine. Home over away. Family over everything. Jimmy is married to the love of life, Tabby Bewley, a professor at Belmont University. Jimmy and Tabby head to the mountains—East or West—at every chance they get. Both being exercise fanatics, it makes for a great, energetic, loving relationship and partnership. They have two wonderful daughters, Jessi and Jenni—beautiful, young women actively building their own lives and finding their own success stories, but never too far from home.



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