Arnie Malham - Founder/President of cj Advertising and Legal Intake Professionals

After graduating from the University of Mississippi in 1989 with a degree in finance, Arnie spent a year in First American National Bank's training program. He then spent four years in sales at WTVF, Nashville's local CBS affiliate.

The Agency

In 1994, Arnie launched cj Advertising (cj), an agency focused solely on growing personal injury law firms. Built on a foundation of financial comparison models extracted from his bank experience and advertising insight gained from his time at the TV station, the agency grew rapidly as hard work and client loyalty paid off.

cj Advertising grew to become the largest, full-service legal advertising agency in the country, with gross revenues topping $40 million for 45 firms in more than 70 markets nationwide. cj gained recognition in multiple publications as one of Nashville's best places to work and was the 2012 winner of the Nashville Business Journal's “Best in Business” award.

The Intake

In 2000, Arnie launched Legal Intake Professionals (LIP), a 24-hour call center exclusively serving personal injury law firms. Refusing to be labeled as “just a call center,” LIP created a work environment that enabled its specialists to deliver legendary call experiences to clients. By early 2017, LIP's 75+ intake specialists were answering 25,000 calls a week for more than 300 law firms throughout North America.

On Feb 1, 2017, LIP was acquired by the Communications Solutions Group at Stericycle Inc., one of North America’s leading providers of communication and engagement services.

The Club

After internally running an innovative pay-to-read program for over 7 years within the agency, was launched in late 2014 so that others could implement this overwhelmingly effective platform for their teams. Endorsed by thought leaders, authors, and business owners, use of is spreading rapidly across the country, the continent, and the globe.

Additional Achievements

  • EO (Entrepreneur's Organization) Nashville Chapter Forum Six since 2004
  • EO (Entrepreneur's Organization) Nashville Chapter, Learning Chair – 2008, 2012, 2013, 2017
  • Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year, Regional Finalist – 2009
  • EO (Entrepreneur's Organization) Nashville Chapter, President – 2009
  • DiJulius Secret Service Summit, Highest-rated speaker in event history – 2012
  • EO (Entrepreneur's Organization) Entrepreneurial Masters Program – 2012
  • Nashville Business Journal's "Best in Business Awards" Winner – 2012
  • EO Nerve (Entrepreneur's Organization, Regional Event), Learning Chair – 2015
  • Nashville Business Journal's "Most Admired CEOs and Their Companies" Award Winner – 2017

What Arnie Believes

Arnie believes that different is better than good; that outliers are fascinating; that mindset is everything; and he has no problem with getting it wrong until he gets it right.

Conversation Starters

Ask Arnie about: his bride (of 20 years), his kids, his dog, EO, Scotch on the rocks, cigars on the porch, the book he's reading, or (if you're really daring) what cj stands for.


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