cj Advertising’s story begins with a pink slip.

In 1994, Arnie Malham was fired from his job at Nashville’s CBS Affiliate. His work on the side—a small ad agency run out of his home—got noticed by his bosses, who felt it represented a conflict of interest with his work at the station. It was go time, and fortunately, the trust placed in him by his first clients—J. Marshall Hughes, Bob Crumley, and Bill Berg—set the foundation for the next 20 years.

Camel Culture

Though the company was successful and growing during its early days, cj was missing an important element that was holding it back from sustaining and remarkable success—cj was missing a sustaining and remarkable culture. 

Rather than by design, Arnie and Jimmy realized that cj had developed a culture by default, and that had to change. It was not instant or easy, but over time, Camel Culture at cj was born. It has since evolved into the uniquely different work environment that attracts and retains the most talented media, creative, and client service specialists in Nashville.

Coming Into Our Own

Arnie and Jimmy’s dedication to culture and their clients has proven to be a winning and sustaining formula. cj Advertising grew to be the largest full-service advertising agency exclusively serving personal injury brands in the country. The agency now serves 29 clients in 40 markets across the U.S. and Canada. cj has been recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work in Nashville,” and we received the Nashville Business Journal’s Best in Business Award in 2012.

The cj Advertising Timeline

1994 Arnie leaves WTVF; First Shoot (Crumley Roberts); 2 Clients

1995 cj becomes an LLC; Moves into Cummins Station

1996 Decision to focus 100% on personal injury

1997 Jimmy comes on board full time

1998 First office expansion

1999 Purchases First Avid system; First website launched (Woods and Woods); Reaches 10 client milestone

2000 Launches LIP; Launches cj Track 1.0

2001 Markets first locally sponsored tort

2002 Separates Web and Design departments; Launches cj Track 2.0; First Annual cj Conference

2003 Launches PR department

2004 Arnie joins EO; Hits 40,000 Social Security leads generated; Reaches 20 client milestone

2005 Launches cj Track 3.0; Hits 100,000 Workers' Compensation leads generated

2006 First annual retreat and strategic plan; Establishes Brand Managers; Launches YP Department and Book Club; Hits 250,000 Auto Accident leads generated; Launches first national campaign

2007 Morale surveys start; Launches Mass Torts Matrix and cj Track National; Launches EXP; FiSH! begins

2008 Dedicated Brand Managers; launches TMFL 1.0; Jimmy passes the bar; MLG splits from cj; Camels With a Cause begins

2009 Trademarks No Fee Guarantee®

2010 Operations move to 300 10th Avenue South; YP and Media merge; Hits 200,000 Workers' Compensation leads generated;Reaches 30 client milestone

2011 Surpasses 1.5 Million leads generated; 10th Annual cj Conference; Production and Design departments merge; Hits 500,000 Auto Accident leads generated; Hits 300,000 Social Security leads generated

2012 Receives Best in Business Award; Launches Strategic Plan toward 100% Win-Win; 300,000 local tort leads

2013 Surpasses 2 Million leads generated; EXP and Production merge; Interactive independence initiated; EXP produces 400 videos; Reaches 40 client milestone

2014 Arnie refocuses on Client Services; Stops almost 200 Law Firms from infringing on No Fee Guarantee trademark; Fair Share Lawyers launches; LIP hits 200 Firm milestone; LIP hits 2 Million intakes; BetterBookClub payout reaches $80,000

2015 Creative Services and Interactive move to common leadership; Media and Client Services move to common leadership

2016 Achieves highest client satisfaction scores ever (9.02)

2016 cj has the biggest profit-sharing year to date

2016 "Just one rule: Do the right thing" replaces the team member handbook

2016 Arnie's book, Worth Doing Wrong, is released!

2017 LIP is acquired by the Communications Solutions Group at Stericycle Inc.

2017 cj(x) launches as cj's internal education program

2017 Average agency tenure hits 7.3 years

2018 cj Advertising is acquired by the partners at Dudley DeBosier

2018 Operations move to L&C Tower

2018 cj Interactive rebrands as cj Integrated Digital (cjID), paving the way for a host of new digital marketing products and offerings.